Why We Do Animation Overview?

We at ZectorLab think that animation overview is one of the most powerful and professional media.

It allows us to put our 3D characters under the spotlight in a much more complex and articulated context so that you can get a sense of the potential of the 3d model.

For each of our 3D characters you will find a dedicated showreel on our YouTube channel.

Do You Want an Animation Overview?

Many customers have contacted us because they want us to make them a game cinematic.

Contact us now and tell us about the animation overview you have in mind, we will do everything to make it happen!


We use the Unreal Engine 5 to make our game cinematics.

Our 3D animation department will take care of all animation composition and recording.

First, the character must be ready to use, which means that after the modeling and retopology phase, it is rigged with Epic Skeleton or IK Rig.

Once the character is ready, we choose and adapt the enviroment so as to give a worthy space to the 3d model.

After that, the project goes to our lighting artist who will take care of the lighting and to our 3d animator who will record the animation overview.
After some post production finally, the animation overview is exported at maximum resolution!

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