3D Horror Characters for Unreal Engine and Unity

3D Horror Characters



According to our vision of 3D Horror Characters,
quality comes first! That's why we offer
high-quality 3D models and animations.

Cruel Doll in game screenshot


Develop a game can be very stressful!
That's why our team provides maximum
professionalism in workflow and delivery.

Merciless Geisha in game screenshot


Together is better than alone!
That's why we offer 24/7 assistance.
Solve any doubts about 3D Model.

Crazy Doctor in game screenshot


We are a team of 3D Artists with a dream:
bring our idea to the world of game development.
And each of our products reflects our dream!

Our Services

3D Horror Characters On Commission

We specialize in creating high-quality 3D models, animations and cinematic.

Bring your vision to life with our custom 3D modeling services for Unreal Engine and Unity projects. We want to help you develop your video game, we ensure maximum discretion and confidentiality on the project and will do our best to deliver within the established deadlines.

Contact us via email or on Discord and let us know all the details for the creation of the product you are looking for and receive immediate support from a member of our team and an estimate!

What We Make

The ZectorLab team offers the following services:

  • 3D Model;
  • Props;
  • Rigging;
  • Retopology;
  • Retarget of 3D Models for Animations;
  • 3D Animation made with Keyframe;
  • Animation Overview.

For each category of service offered above, we assure you of an artist specialized in what is requested, a project manager who will take care of managing the project in the best possible way and a private discord server to efficiently discuss the status of the work.

3D Horror Characters as Assets

You can buy our 3D horror characters on the Unreal Engine Marketplace and 3D Unity Asset Store,

choose from a wide range of 3D Models designed and created by our 3D Artists following the quality standards of our ZectorLab brand. 

We recommend you join our Discord server where, after a short check, you will be promoted to Owner and after that you will unlock the private category where you can chat easily with our team.

How Can You Use 3D Horror Characters?

Don’t worry!

Our 3D Models Assets reflect all the rules of the Store where you will purchase so you have extended license 

and you can use our assets for commercial purposes.

You will be able to use ZectorLab 3D Models for your project.

For commissioned works, the product will be entirely owned by the client, we are not jealous!

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